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Stages of
the process

Stage 1
etap 1 - koncept
Based on your needs, we will develop a concept for the Striking Eagle production line dedicated to the production you require. At the concept stage, you will receive from us a layout, an implementation plan, production costs, and elements typical for implementations, such as feasibility analysis and technical review of the project.
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Stage 2
etap 2 - projekt
After accepting the concept of the line and signing the preliminary agreement, we proceed to design the Eagle dedicated for you. At this stage, we fine-tune all the technical details and select the appropriate modules for the line. You can still actively participate and modify the requirements! At this stage, we initiate the localization process – that is, finding the right location and recruiting a team for the new factory. All formalities related to the establishment of a new branch are also finalized at this stage.
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Stage 3
etap 3 - produkt
The production of the Striking Eagle line is an exciting stage! You can participate during the creation of the line based on the approved design. You have access to information at every stage of production about solutions and progress.
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Stage 4
etap 4 - uruchomienie linii
Line Launch
All components of the line are transported to the destination site. Our team of engineers assembles, tests, and integrates the new Eagle into our network, and also connects it to the Battle Center. After approval and acceptance of the line by your Team, we are ready to start mass production!
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Stage 5
etap 5 - serwis
Thanks to the round-the-clock care of engineers from the Battle Center, we are able to respond to any malfunctions in real-time. Most of the work and services will be performed online with the involvement of our local teams and the support of the Battle Center. In the case of more serious problems, our engineers from the Battle Center will be on-site within 24 hours.
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