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HSV Moulded Foams Group has operational companies in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, and the Czech Republic. We manufacture molded products, for example, from airpop® engineered air (EPS), EPP, and EPE, as well as in many other technical variations. Our customers include leading international enterprises from the home appliances, electronics, automotive, and equipment industries, as well as many small and medium-sized enterprises, to whom we provide products tailored to their individual needs. Our customers tell us that we are flexible and knowledgeable in our field – our world revolves around them!



HSV Moulded Foams Group in numbers

66 000 000 €
branches in Europe
sales offices
manufacturing plants
CNC milling machines
prototyping station
technika jest naszą pasją

Technology is our passion

Attention to detail is one of our strengths. Skilled engineers and appropriately selected tools, combined with a passion for innovation, allow us to create exceptional details. The HSV team includes several highly qualified engineers who co-create the concepts and projects of our clients. We have numerous CAD2CNC milling stations. We also apply reverse engineering to record client products in various formats, e.g., CAD. In our work, we use the Windchill portal for easy data exchange and conduct Moldflow and FEM analyses.
produkcja dostosowana do indywidualnych potrzeb klienta

Production tailored to the individual needs of the Client

Production tailored to individual needs means being open to all challenges associated with clients' projects. Our experts operate in the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Germany, and other countries. We process foamed raw materials: airpop® engineered air (EPS), EPP, EPE, ETPU, Piocelan, E-POR, ARCEL, HIPS, Suncolor, and their variants. We produce on machines of various sizes, from 400×300 to 2500×1600 mm, where we primarily draw energy from renewable sources. We use mirror welding technology to create even larger products.
Zarządzanie projektami

Project Management

Years of experience, openness in cooperation with clients, and a desire for continuous improvement in supply chain management enable us to take on any challenge. Just-in-time deliveries, kanban, data integration, rolling forecast, demand forecasting, warehousing, and the ability to adapt to our clients' systems provide great flexibility and development of cooperation. We have our own research laboratory conducting a wide range of works, e.g., strength and fatigue tests. We hold ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, ISO 27001 certifications, and conduct our projects in accordance with VDA, PPAP, FMEA, HACCP, etc.


Only 2% of the raw material is needed to create a 100% product from our foamed plastics. The remaining 98% is nothing more than ordinary air. The low raw material consumption demonstrates how economical our products are.
HSV Moulded Foams Group
98% air,
2% raw materials
Biomass, solar energy,
and wind
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